Frequently asked questions

Omasra Living is designed for individuals seeking a general wellness retreat without major health concerns. It focuses on overall healing and relaxation, providing a holistic wellness holiday. On the other hand, Master Cleanse is targeted towards those specifically looking for a liver detox and its associated health benefits. This program is more specialized and aims to address specific health needs related to detoxification.

At Omasra Wellness Centre, your diet is meticulously tailored by our nutritionist and counsellor to accommodate your individual health concerns, allergies, and deficiencies. Each meal is carefully crafted to serve as a healing curative diet, providing nourishment and support for your overall well-being.

Your day at Omasra Wellness Centre will be filled with enriching activities, rejuvenating treatments, and nourishing meals tailored to your individual needs. Upon arrival, you will receive a personalised day plan from your Sr. therapist, outlining your schedule for the day.

We recommend including the following items in your packing list to ensure a comfortable and fulfilling wellness experience:

  • Fitness Attire: Bring a minimum of one set of fitness clothes per day to participate in our various activities, including yoga, fitness classes, aqua exercises, and meditation sessions.
  • Swimming Gear: Don't forget to pack your swimming costume and cap, as you can enjoy our indoor temperature-controlled Aqua yoga during your stay.
  • Cycling/Spinning Gear: If you plan to join our cycling or spinning workout sessions, be sure to pack appropriate cycling or spinning shorts for added comfort.

Prepare for a transformative wellness journey at Omasra Wellness Centre, where every moment is dedicated to your health, relaxation, and rejuvenation.